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Love Is In The Air

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Happy Mother's Day

Close your eyes and Open your heart

Feel the breeze sending you hugs and kisses from me and the gentle voice saying I love you!






A mother is special, she's more than a friend.
Whenever you need her, she'll give you a hand.
She'll lead you and guide you in all that you do.
Try all that she can just to see you get through.
Good times and bad times, she's there for it all.
Say head up, be proud, and always stand tall.
She'll love you through quarrels and even big fights, or heart to heart chats on cold lonely nights.
My mother's the greatest that I've ever known, I think God made my mother like He'd make his own.
A praiser, a helper, an encourager too, nothing in this world that she wouldn't do.
To help us succeed she does all that she can, raised a young boy now into a man.
I want to say thank you for all that you do, please always know mom, that I love you.
(c) George W. Zellars











Happy Mother’s Day Mama!

I’m with you and I do love you so!

My wings are wrapped around you, don’t you know?

Can you feel the hug that I’m giving to you?

Open your heart mama and you’ll see me too.

I see you mama you’re never alone!

I love you mama it’s carved in stone.

Forever more and forever I’ll always be.

A child of yours, and God the almighty’s.

So smile today, knowing I’m at your side.

Smile for me, and of my wings take pride.

For I am in God’s, loving embrace!

And I hold you mama, at the highest place!

Holding you up with my angel wings!

I send you my love on mourning doves wings.

I kiss your cheeks and I hug you tight.

I love you mama with all of my might!

And don’t forget, I’ll see you soon.

Look for me mama, in the sun and the moon.

Amongst the stars, I’ll be shining so bright!

I’m beautiful mama, as my wings take flight!

So Happy Mother’s Day, I’m singing to you.

Mama I’m an angel with a halo, I grew!

So Happy Mother’s Day mama and don’t you cry!

I’ll spend the day with you, for on wings I fly!

Shirley Mueller

May 10,2008






~ The Coleus Seed ~

Once upon a time ~ A long, long time ago
There lived the sweetest little girl that you could ever know ~

This little girl was a treasure to her family and friends
 Always loving beyond measure and steadfast to her ends ~

One day at school she planted a tiny little coleus seed
Her plant grew so beautifully, then she proudly gave it to her beloved Mommy ~

It was long ago on Mother's Day Back in 1993
 Who then would have ever known ~ What joy this plant would always be ~

She was only eight when she planted that tiny little seed
None of us then knew her fate, What a few more months would bring

The plant was nurtured and adored with every fiber of her mother's being
And when this little girl had died, what comfort and joy this plant would bring

The years went on and the plant stayed strong, It grew with such beauty and meaning,
 And continued to daily touch the very core of her Mother's being

Some fourteen years had come and gone,
one day it seemed the time had come

The plant was bound to die, it had Lived its life,
and there were no questions why

But could they be given some renewed hope, some faith to assure them now
As this plant had served so long and it's continued life was this mother's vow?

 What that they could find another to somehow tide them along
 A new beginning perhaps, as a reminder of the old?

A cherished living reminder of her sweet love and song
 The very seed that she had planted such a very long time ago?

Hearts searched on for a new seed but one could not be found
To ever come close to the one, she so long ago had planted lovingly in it's ground

Days went by, hope diminished, they'd have to settle for another
To remind them of the "One" seed brought long ago to her beloved Mother

That Mother's Day back in 1993 when the little girl now in Heaven
 This plant had so joyfully nurtured and then so lovingly given

But this story is not over for there is joy yet waiting to be discovered
And when they thought all had been tried an Angel led a new seed to her very Mother!

Found tucked inside a can that had been closed up tight for years
 Long forgotten by her Mother were the very seeds from the plant of her tiny little peer

 From a past time so dear when the plant grew and prospered here
The Angel had spoken and led her Mother there...

The message from her Daughter, it was so loud and clear
 Life does not end Mom! It just starts over! She said with a cheer!

And so the seed was planted, the one from it's mothers vine
 It would grow and prosper to forever remind

 That life is Eternal and Forever, so never lose hope!
 The little girl was still working from her place in Heaven called Home!

And so it was decreed for this tiny little seed
 Because you see it truly happened, and it happened to me!

 Lovingly Written In Loving Memory of My Youngest Daughter Michelle Marie August 1984 ~ November 1993
CindyJo Greever March 4th 2006 ~

you may visit this webpage at:  

As long as I can, I will look at the world for both of us.
As long as I can, I will laugh with the  bird, I will sing
with flowers, I will play to the stars, for both of us.
As long as I can, I will remember how many things on this earth were your joy. And I will live as well as you would want me to live, as long as I can
~by Sascha




Remembering Dustin's Rawls Life Give Life a Chance


Don't ever stop loving
don't ever stop believing,
don't ever stop dreaming your dreams.
Love is never silent,
it has so much to say,
And it is our greatest blessing
when we give it all away..