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In Memory of Dustin Rawls - Give Life a Chance

Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events


Candi Eaton my niece has a lady willing to do T-Shirts for us. YEAH!! Now the plan is to come up with a design. Going to let my grandsons give it a try and see what we can come up with and of course throw in any ideas anyone may have.
Current Event is the Baby Bottle Blessings fill a baby bottle (or more) with spare change,dollars and checks which will be payable to Pregnancy Help Center.

All Year Event- Baby Furniture, Strollers, Maternity Clothes anything your baby may have outgrown.
The Prergnancy Help Center also have to walks which I will get more info on soon and dates.
I really want this to be for everyone to remember the Kid in Dustin and participate as much as you can.  I can picture Dustin coming to a Shower with a diaper and pacifier in his mouth. So lets make this all fun lots of laughs and remember that Beautiful Smile Dustin had and the Big Heart.

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In Memory of Dustin Rawls
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